Surveys of electrical machine reliability have confirmed that the utility electricity supply is the biggest single factor affecting the reliability of a plant. Fortunately, reliability can be advanced absolutely through analysing your current power system.

At Universal Automation, we analyze electrical structures to discover equipment applications that create electrical dangers. We become aware of the danger levels and reduce the risks, where viable. Our primary engineering research encompass protective device coordination, short circuit evaluation, load flow studies, transient motor starting analysis and arc flash hazard analysis. Other deliverables would possibly consist of MTOs, EMI, ground grid system, Cable Pulling etc.

We work with utilities, commercial and production flora, authorities and business facilities. We use IEEE requirements, IEC requirements, BS standards, the national electrical protection Code, and the Ralph Lee papers for engineering calculations. Our services and method of delivery ensure the highest level of professional, dedication to details and effective deployment. We do not take short cuts – all electric device down to the system panel or disconnect is included and is required for accuracy. Ignoring components of an electrical system to keep money reduces the accuracy and effectiveness of the study results.

University Automation offers complete commissioning services to your facility, from project control to testing and calibration while gathering all required specifications.

Switchgear and motor controls failures are usually disastrous and results in expenses not best related to damages to the system itself, however the harm performed to the equipment it protects. Bad gear is also a workplace risk, as failure can easily burn up the equipment and cause fires.

We provide a complete range of switchgear set up & upgrade services consisting of:

AC and DC High Potential Testing
Protective Relay Testing and Calibration
Power Factor Testing
Cable Testing
Functional Testing of Switchgear Components
Complete Point to Point Checkout of All Control Circuits