Measurement, Instrumentation and Calibration Services

Universal Automation offers primary and secondary calibration services for pneumatic, hydraulic and digital devices. Our calibration techniques are in step with ISO17025 requirements. We are licensed by the local standard boards and we offer primary metering systems for proving meters and for calibrating measurement devices.

We provide on-site and in-house drift meter calibration for a wide range of instruments and products. Our truck-set up volumetric proving vessels are available for on-site flow meter calibration. All proving vessels and meters are traceable to NIST and re-licensed yearly.

Universal Automations offers sales, services and local assist for on-line analysers, manner gasoline Chromatography, continuous Emission tracking systems, Liquid Analysers among others.  We works closely with the customer to provide the right analyzer shelter that meets local guidelines.

As an integrator, and tester, universal Automation is your single excellent resource for turnkey projects.

We assist plant managers and maintenance departments identify the entire system tool and analyzer measurement devices inside the plant, determine upkeep and calibration methods for each tool, maintain the devices and processes running at peak efficiency, and reduce total cost of ownership.