Equipment Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis

Over the years, machinery maintenance has evolved from; Run to failure, Preventative Maintenance and finally to Condition Monitoring (also called Predictive Maintenance). Condition Monitoring is the process of determining the condition of machinery as it operates. If a problem is indicated, the condition-monitoring equipment provides information useful in determining what the problem is, and more importantly, what caused the problem. This allows us to schedule efficient repairs of specific problems prior to machinery failure.

Modern condition monitoring not only helps plant personnel reduce the possibility of catastrophic failure but also allow them to order replacement parts in advance, schedule manpower, reduce spare parts inventories, plan multiple repairs during scheduled downtime, and improve machinery operation to an optimum level often exceeding original equipment specifications.

Condition Monitoring is the process of measuring the physical characteristics of a machine (e.g. vibration, bearing condition, and temperature) while it is operating. A change in a machine’s physical characteristics indicates a change in its operating condition.

At Universal Automation, we have a wide range of hardware and software designed to assist an operator in identifying and quantifying these changes as they occur.

When fully deployed and used, our condition monitoring technology will ensure; Maximum machine productivity, minimized unscheduled downtime, safely extends overhaul intervals, improved repair time and overall significant cost savings for both long and short term.

We rely on our state of the art measurement technology to measure and analyse the most important characteristics of running types of machinery which include; Vibration, Temperature, Lubrication oil analysis, and Acoustics.